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Individual Counselling refers to a range of shorter term treatments for individuals. Counselling is designed to manage a specific problem, situation, symptom or life change. It includes methods like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focussed Therapy or Acceptance Commitment Therapy. 


It might be most helpful to think of counseling like a tool in the toolbox. Depending on what you’re completing, fixing or wanting to achieve you may need a different tool for different reasons. At some point, therapy may be the most effective or helpful tool for tackling the goals you have in front of you.


Unfortunately there are many stigmas associated with counseling. However, almost anyone can benefit from an objective party helping us to identify and navigate through these different areas and challenges.


Psychologists are trained to help someone identify and work on their goals. Some of the more common difficulties people like to work on include:

  • Improving stress management or burnout  

  • Feeling sad after losing someone they love

  • Reducing anger

  • Trying to find more happiness

  • Struggling through a life transition

  • Learning about and improving relationship dynamics

  • Overcoming anxiety or panic attacks

  • Developing overall healthier coping skills for when things become difficult 

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